Friday, 24 June 2011

A unique rhododendron bed

The Duchess has invest in Facebook shares in New Zealand commissioned this fairytale bed, currently being made by David Spencer, our Senior Supervisor of the Domain Department, for the beautiful Park Cottage. The thatched 17th Century property is being renovated to join our stunning range of holiday invest in Facebook shares cottages. The wood for the bed has been collected from around the Chatsworth estate, and the bark painstakingly stripped from it. Once the structure of the bed is finished, it will be coated in linseed oil to protect the wood. It will then be disassembled for transport and carried up Buy Facebook shares the winding set of stairs into the cruck-beamed bedroom of the cottage. When it is in place, the bed will be reassembled and the screws holding it together will be hidden. It does not fit a normal mattress size, so the mattress and upholstery will no doubt be as unique as the bed itself. Park Cottage will be available for holidaymakers later this year, so please keep your eyes peeled.

Chloe Roberts
On behalf of David Spencer

A splash of colour in the Stables courtyard

Our Stables courtyard has been transformed with a splash of colour with the arrival of our vibrant new chairs, just in time for the summer. The Duchess and I chose the new chairs after viewing a multitude of fashionable and quirky designs. We were specifically looking for comfortable, durable chairs with contemporary twist, and we believe we have achieved just that. We have already had many compliments from followers on our Facebook page as well as visitors to Chatsworth, and we are really pleased with the results. Come along to the Stables courtyard soon to see what everyone’s talking about.

Richard Palmer

Catering Operations Manager

Monday, 20 June 2011

A new tropical Chatsworth

For the first time, we have taken many of our glasshouse plants outside and created what will hopefully be an amazing tropical style border outside the Orangery shop.

During the last few summers the borders have been planted with a selection of annuals, but we wanted to try something much more exciting and colourful to create a splash as you leave the house. Included are plants from New Zealand, Spain, Mexico and the Canary Islands, including palms, ornamental bananas, cordylines, Eucalyptus, ginger lilies and even the ‘Cavendish Dwarf Banana’ named after the Cavendish family here at Chatsworth, which can also be seen growing in the Display Glasshouse.

Most of the plants are not hardy outside all year so will be lifted, cut back, potted and stored in our glasshouses over the winter, ready to be planted out after next spring’s Tulip display. Unfortunately we have had a couple of cold nights since planting out the borders so many plants are showing signs of this on their foliage, but some sunshine, rain and regular feeding should mean they all quickly recover and fill the border.

Steve Porter

Head of Gardens and Domain

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

3D TV in the house

I'm really excited to have helped install a huge new 3D television in the Green Satin Room. The TV shows a 3D documentary by Sky Arts 3D for a series called Treasure Houses of Britain, in which Chatsworth had a whole episode that repeats continually on our TV throughout the day. The Green Satin Room is dedicated to being much more interactive than many of the other rooms in the house - visitors are free to open the drawers and touch fabric samples, and now can pick up a pair of 3D glasses and watch for as long as they like before moving on to continue their real tour of the house. The 3D footage is really remarkable; there were many gasps of awe when staff viewed it, even from those who have been here for decades because of the amazing panoramic shots and aerial views.


Chloe Roberts

E-Marketing Executive

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Park Cottage

The excitement is palpable here in the Chatsworth holiday cottage office as work has started on our newest holiday let. Park Cottage is a quaint Grade II listed 17th Century thatch roof cottage in Baslow, which once conserved and restored, will accommodate up to 3 people. Currently being decorated and furnished by the Duchess of Devonshire, we are expecting Park Cottage to be available to let from the end of August, and we’re sure with its close proximity to the park it will be an extremely popular let! If you would like any further information on Park Cottage, please call us on 01246 565379.  


The Holiday Cottage Team


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Farm shop plastic bag reduction success

It has been a year since the farm shop introduced their 5p charge for plastic bags and the results from the initiative have been nothing short of impressive. Over the last 12 months a staggering 446,726 fewer plastic bags have been used in comparison to the previous year, which is a reduction of 86% and enough bags to cover the pitch at Wembley Stadium almost 14 times over. Furthermore it’s saved over 3 tonnes of plastic being shipped almost 5000 miles around the world to Chatsworth, further reducing our carbon footprint. With biodegradable reusable bags now on sale at the farm shop for customers, Andr矇 and his team have done a brilliant job at continuing to reduce their environmental impact.


Sam Porteous

Environment, Health and Safety Officer