Friday, 6 August 2010

Work experience at Chatsworth

For the past four days, each time I have driven through the estate I have marvelled at the incredible view of the house and its lavish surroundings, which greet me in a proud and regal manner as I turn the bend. I don’t understand how anybody could tire of this. To work here and see this sight daily is something of a privilege. That is exactly what I was given when I was offered the chance to do some work experience at Chatsworth this month.


I spent my time in the office that deals with the PR, Marketing and Education side of the estate. The week itself went incredibly quickly (whilst I felt myself to be completing tasks incredibly slowly). Everything is constantly moving behind the scenes at Chatsworth and as I learnt in my time here, all of that movement is working towards the same goal; preserving and improving the estate for the benefit of the visiting public. Now that I’ve been involved in this, I can only say that the estate will continue to flourish. Whilst everyone I worked with was different, they are unified as a team by their commitment, passion and care towards the estate. As a visitor to Chatsworth, you don’t always realise how importantly you are valued by the people who work here. However, the fact I have never had a negative experience in any of my previous visits would suggest that this is something they have been doing extremely well for many, many years. The only difference now is that I am able to understand why!


It was great to see the house and gardens again (the last time I came here was when I was quite a bit younger) but being actively involved in the work that goes on here was an added bonus. Everybody I met was friendly, willing to help, and also just incredibly warm. It’s a beautiful place to visit but as my experience here has shown me, it’s a fantastic place to work too.


Thank you to everyone who helped me here and took me under their wing. It’s been invaluable and has given me a really useful insight into the world of PR.


Charlotte Cowling



Anonymous said...

absolutely adore chatsworth but why oh why are you not taking notice of all the negative comments being posted on trip advisor about your once beautiful cavendish hotel.

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