Friday, 22 October 2010

Pumpkin carving at its best

Although a life in numbers (I’m a Management Accountant) is exciting, enriching and full of fun, sometimes the creative side has to express itself, and produce something a bit different.


When the Finance team heard that pumpkin carving was being held in honour of Halloween, it was quickly decided that we would be taking part; it was also quickly apparent that I would be doing the carving duties (I was the last one to take a step back when volunteers were asked for!)  A colleague, Mandy Rivington, had a brainwave that a full detailed reproduction of the house would be a good idea (Bear in mind that this idea came after the carver had been selected) Despite my protests that my skills lay predominantly in Excel and not in fashioning stately homes in seasonal fruit, it was unanimously decided that this would be the pattern…. no pressure then.


With the hopes and dreams of the Finance department resting on my shoulders, I took up the gauntlet (and an extremely impressive pumpkin from Chatsworth Gardens), strapped the seatbelt on ‘Pumpy’ as I had nicknamed him, and made my way home to embark on my mission.


The response to Pumpy has been remarkable and a truly humbling experience. Just this morning I had to turn down an order of 10 more for sale in the farm shop as, at 3.5 hours labour per pumpkin, I would have to give up the day job!


My pumpkin is on display in Flora’s Temple…other valiant efforts by the Chatsworth team are also scattered through the garden.


Happy Halloween

Rob Marchant, Finance Department



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Well done.


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