Thursday, 26 August 2010

Never too old..?

Yesterday we added some new weird and wonderful wigs to dressing up room, and couldn’t resist trying them on first!  Here is Steph looking particularly beautiful.  Thanks to everybody who has sent in their dressing up photos for our display.  It’s good to see we’re not the only ‘grown-ups’ giving it a go.  And it’s great to see that our new Art Safari family trail also seems to be as popular with adults as with children!  We’re always on the lookout for new things for visitors to do at Chatsworth.  Do you have any bright ideas?


Claire Fowler



Friday, 20 August 2010

This week I have been mostly bashing pegs.......

This week we welcome our Country Fair Organiser, Christopher Lloyd Owen to the Park to make a start on the huge task of accurately measuring and marking the rows of tents, activities and demonstrations which will take place on the 3rd, 4th and 5th September. Chrissy (as he likes to be called) was all smiles earlier this afternoon when I asked him to pose for the camera with the tools of his trade (Land Rover, white pegs, rope, tape measure and hammer), perhaps as I had just taken him a box of his favourite espresso capsules as he had left his on the kitchen table in Norfolk! If you bump into Chrissy in the park over the next couple of weeks than please say hello, he is a very friendly chap!



James Trevethick




Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Places available on Farmyard Discovery Day, 26 August

There are still some places available on our Teenage Farmyard Discovery Day on Thursday 26 August. This is a great opportunity for a child aged 12-16 who would like to get hands-on in the farmyard looking after the animals for the day. Find out more… www.chatsworth.org/whats-on/events/teenage-discovery-day-fd02   


Margaret Norris, Farmyard Manager

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New piglets in the farmyard

There was a flurry of activity in the farmyard this afternoon when Gladys the sow gave birth to 9 healthy piglets. The new arrivals are a cross between Gloucester Old Spot and Large White breeds. The litter was delivered safely with a little help from Margaret Norris, our Farmyard Manager.  


Cat Reaney, Marketing

Friday, 13 August 2010

Sculptures start to be installed at Chatsworth

We are starting to install grand, contemporary sculptures into the garden ready for the 5th Sotheby’s Beyond Limits exhibition which starts on 13 September. The picture here shows us installing Butterflies by Manolo Valdes. As you will see the sculpture is made up of two parts. It was a careful and intricate task involving several people and quite a lot of machinery to get the piece in place. It looks striking, set on the South Lawn in front of the house. There are also some great views of it for visitors looking out the windows from inside the house.


Steve Porter, Acting Head of Garden and Domain

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Car lovers alert!

This Sunday, 15 August, Chatsworth will be overtaken by Jaguar and Rolls Royce cars. Around 80 Jaguars will be displayed either side of Lodge Hill, courtesy of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club. Meanwhile around 35 Rolls Royce cars will also be on display in front of the house. Car lovers should definitely come down and take a look.


Cat Reaney



Friday, 6 August 2010

Work experience at Chatsworth

For the past four days, each time I have driven through the estate I have marvelled at the incredible view of the house and its lavish surroundings, which greet me in a proud and regal manner as I turn the bend. I don’t understand how anybody could tire of this. To work here and see this sight daily is something of a privilege. That is exactly what I was given when I was offered the chance to do some work experience at Chatsworth this month.


I spent my time in the office that deals with the PR, Marketing and Education side of the estate. The week itself went incredibly quickly (whilst I felt myself to be completing tasks incredibly slowly). Everything is constantly moving behind the scenes at Chatsworth and as I learnt in my time here, all of that movement is working towards the same goal; preserving and improving the estate for the benefit of the visiting public. Now that I’ve been involved in this, I can only say that the estate will continue to flourish. Whilst everyone I worked with was different, they are unified as a team by their commitment, passion and care towards the estate. As a visitor to Chatsworth, you don’t always realise how importantly you are valued by the people who work here. However, the fact I have never had a negative experience in any of my previous visits would suggest that this is something they have been doing extremely well for many, many years. The only difference now is that I am able to understand why!


It was great to see the house and gardens again (the last time I came here was when I was quite a bit younger) but being actively involved in the work that goes on here was an added bonus. Everybody I met was friendly, willing to help, and also just incredibly warm. It’s a beautiful place to visit but as my experience here has shown me, it’s a fantastic place to work too.


Thank you to everyone who helped me here and took me under their wing. It’s been invaluable and has given me a really useful insight into the world of PR.


Charlotte Cowling


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Water restrictions in the garden

Despite the recent rain we are still very low on water going into August, and with no considerable amount on its way  we are doing all we can to reduce our water consumption. As a result, we have taken the decision to reduce the hours that the Emperor Fountain and the Cascade play to between 12pm and 4pm daily.


Steve Porter

Acting Head of Gardens and Domain

Monday, 2 August 2010

Chatsworth take on Peak 2010

Last Friday, 15 Chatsworth staff split into 5 departmental teams to tackle the infamous Peak 2010 adventure course raising £45 for charity in the process.  The course with all its obstacles including a balance beam, tyre wall, cargo net and zip wire provided an excellent challenge for everyone taking part as the Chatsworth teams went head to head with a team from Peak 2010.  With plenty speed and agility on show all the teams made it round the course with the ‘Retail Rookies’ team clocking the fastest Chatsworth time!


Sam Porteous

Environment, Health and Safety Officer


Time travelling

Being at Chatsworth at the moment is a bit like being a time-traveller.  Hundreds of skilled craftspeople are hard at work giving the house a major makeover, and the results give a sense of how it might have felt to see the house when it was first built.  The effects of 300 years’ of weathering and pollution on the stone walls are being reversed, and the newly-cleaned walls look as though they were built only yesterday.  This work wouldn’t be possible without the support of Chatsworth’s visitors.  So I’m really excited that Brad Steele, one of the stone masons responsible for the transformation, will be spending a day here on Tuesday 3 August, giving visitors a special insight into the work that’s taking place.  Brad is full of fascinating information, and I hope lots of people will have chance to meet him.  Look out for him in the house courtyard, and keep an eye on the events section of the Chatsworth website for more opportunities to get behind the scenes this year.


Claire Fowler


Newborn piglets

The farmyard has been awash with excited children and parents alike upon seeing a litter of our newborn piglets. Their mother Amber gave birth on 24th July to 2 girls and 4 boys. Mother and babies are doing well!


Margaret Norris, Farmyard Manager