Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Bert Broomhead - local artist

I was lucky enough to be invited to open an exhibition of paintings by Bert Broomhead by his daughter Amaryllis Rae on Saturday 8th January.  This was at the Quadro gallery in the Dobbie’s Garden Center at Barlbrough.  Unfortunately it was only on over the weekend but Amaryllis is organising a longer exhibition of Bert’s paintings, watercolours, drawings and etchings in Bakewell some time this summer and I will make sure that I mention it as soon as I have the date.


Bert Broomhead is a very interesting artist, who painted many evocative scenes around Derbyshire and particularly in Bakewell where he lived.


Stoker Devonshire



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. Is his work represented in your collections, and if so, would it be on display when you open the house again?

Anonymous said...

There are unfortunately no pieces by Bert Broomhead at Chatsworth, but do look out for news of the exhibition in Bakewell.

And you might be interested to see our new displays of contemporary art in the North Sketch Gallery, and new garden sculpture, when the house and garden reopen on 13 March.

We hope you'll come and have a look.


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