Thursday, 20 January 2011

Kitchen curios talk


We have a series of winter talks planned every Friday morning at the Stables until the House and Gardens re-open in March, and I’ve had such fun getting together objects for the second talk I’m giving, on Friday 25th February. The talk’s called Curios from the Kitchens and I plan to bring along some of the things I’ve found for people to look at, from a tin opener with the business-end shaped like a bull’s head, to a slipper of ale for mulling beer, and lots of other things besides. People will also be able to see some fantastic equipment for making ice creams – it’s amazing how elaborate some of these ice creams must have been, and it fascinates me to ponder how they managed to achieve so many of them before the age of refrigeration!


Christine Robinson

Head housekeeper and visitor services manager



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