Sunday, 30 January 2011

Light pruning!

One of the many things going on in the garden at the moment is some fairly major clearance and pruning around the 1st Duke’s and Display Glasshouses.  This area had become very dark and over-shadowed, making the serpent terraces very dank and unappealing, but not any more - views out and more light makes all the difference!  Most tree and plants have been cut back and will be kept under control in the future such as these Yews that had grown far too tall.  They also had a tangle of rose and dead wood which was not in keeping with the formal part of the garden and it restricted new plantings from becoming established.  The area will now be cleaned up including treating invasive weeds and adding a new stone edge and then the area will be under planted with plants that will take advantage of the favorable new conditions! 

Steve Porter
Acting Head of Gardens and Domain



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