Thursday, 24 February 2011

Rampant Ivy

The rockery originally built by the 6th Duke and his amazing Head Gardener, Joseph Paxton, has over the years lost its impact with the addition of many years of growth. Originally the area was designed to be a garden of rocks with only minimal low native plantings therefore letting the rocks make the impact. However previously Yew trees were planted and then removed, since when plantings including rambling roses and ivy have taken hold and hidden many of the best features. We have therefore been tackling each area at a time and this winter have cleared the area around the Wellington rock waterfall including clearing ivy from the rocks as you can see and re-building the pond walls to create better planting beds for filling with Primula’s when the weather improves.

Steve Porter
Acting Head of Gardens and Domain


Keith said...

Is it true that the entrance to the rockery used to be via a 'secret' revolving boulder? I heard it is not used today due to safety concerns but it would be great to see a picture.

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