Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Shiny glasshouses

In preparation for opening our 1970 Display Glasshouse to the public for the first time this year it has several years of grime and growth on the glass and metal work which has now all been scrubbed and washed off.  You will be able to appreciate Camellias, Acacia (Mimosa) and Clianthus (Lobster Claw) within the first temperate section that is heated only to provide frost protection.  The Mediterranean section is next with many different citrus fruiting regularly alongside a huge night flowering cactus and climbers such as Thunbergia and Passionflower; these combine to provide amazing scent particularly on sunny days.  From here you can view into the tropical section which contains a large range of amazing lush plants including the Cavendish dwarf banana named after the family after it first flowered and fruited within the 6th Dukes glasshouses and the Victoria water lily that also first flowered at Chatsworth. 


Steve Porter
Acting Head of Gardens and Domain



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