Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Corsets and Bustles

Our Lady’s Maid is now ready and waiting for visitors in one of our newly restored Guest Bedrooms, with lots to show and stories to share on how she would have made her mistress look beautiful. The photo here is our Textiles Supervisor, Susie Stokoe modelling one of the outfits.


Members of the Guides team who dress up as our Lady’s Maid have been researching Rosalie, the Lady’s Maid for the Duchess of Marlborough who we know visited Chatsworth in 1898. We have researched hair styles, fashions, makeup, medicine and sports of the time and have even worn corsets to really get to grips with what life was like for a Lady’s Maid. The Textiles department have done a fantastic job at making our outfits and even created a boned corset for the room!


We had so much fun creating this character, we hope people will come to meet her in situ. Our Lady’s Maid will be talking to visitors in the Guest Bedrooms every day.


Heather Redmond

Head Guide




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