Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My work experience at Chatsworth

For the past two weeks I’ve been on work experience as part of my first year in Sixth Form. For the first week I was at the Estate Office in the IT Department working with Ian Hughes and Matt Guest. I chose this because I’m especially interested in computing. Living on the Chatsworth Estate all my life I thought it would be rather relevant if I found out all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff including all the office staff who keep the company running smoothly.

Ian and Matt showed me loads of really interesting stuff and I found out about how the people in the house communicate with the staff in the offices in the village of Edensor. I was also shown what they do as part of their job - they fix problems on people’s computers and can do this without having to leave their office; they can do it using their own PC.

In the second week I spent 3 days with the Marketing Department with Cat, Steph and Chloe. Their offices were all the way up in the attic so I had a massive job of climbing the many stairs. They showed me the exit to the roof and I saw all the corridors that the maids would have once run along. This was really interesting for me as although when I was younger and I came to work with my mum for lunch at weekends, I haven’t been able to see all the behind the scenes work.
Whilst I was there Chloe was working on the Chatsworth website, and Steph helped create posters for the Country Fair.

Overall I’ve had a fantastic time at Chatsworth, and would like to say thank you to everybody who has made me feel so welcome.

Naomi White
Work experience


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